Routeshub is a route management library and pattern for Angular.
It acts as a hub that brings more control, stable, and predictable interaction with project code base through declarative design.

What is it

⚙ A route manager. It designed to improve the reliability and speed of development.
🔩 It engineered as a plugin. It designed to be added at any time during the development process, even for separate complicated project parts.
🔧 It modeled after a tree data structure as a hierarchical tree of states.


Originally it was invented for @angular/router, but support for other routing libraries is the goal**.**


Pull requests are welcome. For significant changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.
Please make sure to update tests as appropriate and keep the examples consistent.


Stay tuned with a changelog on GitHub.


If you still have the questions or suggestions, then create an issue or feel free to contact me on twitter.

Looking for the best

This project is neither ideal nor final.
Just a step for better. A measure to help engineers building applications better and faster.
That's why I'll be happy with any kind of involvement, and I opened to any suggestions.
It is a slightly different concept from state management.
Routeshub collects and analyzes routes information to create a manageable state of routes_._ You can understand this concept as a hub.
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